Guiding innovation towards a better future

I’m Katerina Kopytina, an industrial designer based in San Francisco. I help hardware startups and experimental ventures turn pioneering ideas into tangible, influential products.

I partner with founders and product leaders who share the mission of building an inspiring, sustainable future. I’ve delivered multiple innovative design solutions for both Fortune 100 companies and early-stage startups. Clients I’ve worked with include Cartier, Mastercard, Nestle, Disney, Material Bank, and more.

Throughout my career, I’ve cultivated an incredible network of exceptional designers, engineers, and manufacturers. This tailored approach allows me to take on projects of diverse scales and complexities.

Launching a new product can be overwhelming. That’s why I offer a Clarity Call for founders who are looking to start a new venture.

“I partner with founders and product leaders who share the mission of building an inspiring, sustainable future”


Raised in the suprematism and avant-garde culture of Moscow, I moved to Milan to study the best design practices in Italy. After graduating from IED Milano, I launched Light Bean, a pendant light that sparked a whole creative wave of local manufacturing. Light Bean is now a part of the Moscow Design Museum collection. In the meantime, I formed a design consultancy, which has helped clients such as Cartier, Mastercard, Swarovski, and various startups to launch products and release special projects.

My work has been exhibited at major design events, such as Milan Design Week and the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Additionally, my projects have been featured on Dezeen, Fast Company, Wallpaper*, Architectural Digest, Milk Decoration, and beyond.

In 2017, to further immerse myself in the innovation movement, I joined Fuseproject in San Francisco, one of the most influential design studios in the industry. There, I worked closely with Yves Behar, helping innovative startups and Fortune 100 companies bring novel ideas to life. Now, I run my creative practice, Katerina Kopytina Studio.


Clients & Partners

Material bank
Architectural Digest



Early-Stage Design Consulting

Before your design journey even begins, I will guide you in preparing a realistic timeline and budget for your product. Understanding the complexities of design and manufacturing processes is essential — it's how I help clients save money, time, and emotional resources. Throughout the design process, I place a strong emphasis on transparency and planning to help clients navigate their projects with confidence. Clarity Call is free | Further consultations – $400/hr


Design Strategy

Design strategy helps define the project's North Star and build a path to get there. Through this thoughtful process, my strategy partners and I help discover opportunities and build ecosystems that extend the reach of your product. This may include solutions for product families, accessories, potential partnerships, and more.


Industrial Design

Industrial Design — that's where my passion and expertise shine through. The process begins by transforming your idea into a vivid design concept, setting the stage for its journey towards becoming a tangible product. At every step, my clients and I closely collaborate with engineers, technologists, materials experts, and even scientists. This interdisciplinary approach ensures that we build products that not only resonate with customers but are also efficient in production.


Packaging Design

Packaging is our first physical interaction with the product, and its importance is hard to underestimate. Creating smart and sustainable packaging is crucial and is a subject of pride in its own right. On top of that, packaging offers an opportunity to convey your brand's values, quality, and attention to detail. Through the use of sustainable materials and thoughtful design, I ensure our packaging solutions are both effective and environmentally responsible.


Manufacturing Support

This is the process where a project becomes a physical object exactly as it was designed. At this stage, my role expands into detailed coordination with manufacturers and suppliers. I oversee the production process, negotiate any necessary adjustments, and meticulously check the samples to make sure everything is on track. The goal is to ensure your final product is exactly as planned, or even better.